According to Grandma Daranee Atchananukul’s intention, this cemetery was founded.  She had experienced the graveyards for Christians in Thailand have been quite a few and some churches have prepared them for their own members.  Not only that, but the expenses are also expensive.  She had got such a burden and would like to participate for land allocation for Christian graveyard.  As a cemetery manager and her grandson I, myself, never thought that it was important as well as no available budget at that time so that I had done nothing for the cemetery during my grandma was still alive.  In consonance of the aforementioned reasons, at the moment of her death, my family and I could not find a Christian burial place for her.  Only one choice we had was a burial place that was prepared by my grandfather at Chonburi Province.  After that I had considered her original intention, that’s why I started to proceed to establish this cemetery and applied for its license in accordance with Thai local government regulations.

“My grandma’s mortality has been the blessings for many Christians who have faced to the same trouble.  Anyway, anyhow, I believe that a departure of one Christian would always be the blessings to others.”